hdsc won again the top 10 china ic design enterprises, and becomes the leading enterprise of non-pg电子下载

hdsc won again the top 10 china ic design enterprises, and becomes the leading enterprise of non-communication chip


mar.24th, 2016, the 2016 china semiconductor market annual conference and the fifth ic circuit industry innovation conference were held in beijing. at the conference the china semiconductor industry association announced the 2015 top 10 china ic design enterprise, and hdsc won once again the top 10 and became the leading company of non-communication chip through its outstanding performance in analog circuit and secure chip segments.

 according to the statistics of sia (semiconductor industry association), the annual global semiconductor industry market size reached 348 billion usd in 2015, decreased by 0.2% yoy. meanwhile the statistics from china semiconductor industry association shows the china ic market size had a record high of 1102.4 billion rmb in 2015, increased by 6.1% yoy. communication chip is still the main force driving the china chip market, and the top 3 ic design companies are basically the communication chip companies.

 hdsc had a sales revenue increase 5.3% yoy in 2015 and keeps the leading position in both sales revenue and market share of secure chip. meanwhile the company is striving to develop industrial control related chips and has major growth in analog circuit and mcu products.

china semiconductor market annual conference is guided by the ministry of china industry and information technology, and jointly organized by the authoritative china electronic and information industry development design institute and china semiconductor industry association etc. at the conference the representatives from relevant national ministries and commissions, local government, industry organizations from home and abroad, well-known semiconductor manufacturers, upstream and downstream companies on the industrial chain, professional science and research institutions and famous investment organizations gathered together to explore and discuss about the national ic industry development.